About Us

Health Care For You (Pvt) Ltd. (HC4U)

About Us

Heath Care For You (Pvt) Ltd., a technology based company, is working on the next generation of healthcare for the nation. We have developed a web-based mobile application, HC4U.

HC4U is an IT platform to empower everyone for taking charge of his/her own health using mHealth. This platform integrates health-care seekers with healthcare providers such as hospitals, doctors and insurance companies under one umbrella offering opportunity for a paperless & cashless treatment for every individual under the universal wellness program.

HC4U is a movement to develop national health backbone with personal healthcare records of every citizen into an inter-operable system. It raises awareness regarding maintaining health records and its benefit in the effective management of clinical support. This service is for all citizens from anywhere and everywhere. Hc4U’s target is to bring citizenry into a smart treatment systems based on electronic records of health status to ensure treatment without delay in a cost effective manner.

                              Health is a right, not a privilege. It needs to be enjoyed with equity.